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Instrument Tech can provide you with a wide range of build-to-print capabilities that meet or exceed all OEM approvals – from electrical tachometers and oil pressure gauges to fuel flow computers and displacement vertical gyros. Even with urgent OEM requests, we’ll respond quickly and deliver the products you need on time and within budget.

ITC Manufactured Products:
OEM Approvals for Manufacturing:
- Caution Panels

- Clocks

- Engine Instruments

- Floodlight Assemblies

- Fuel Flow Computers & Transducers

- Fuel Senders

- Indicator & Clusters

- Instrument Lights

- Pitot Static Testers

- Remote Gyros

- RPM Limit Detectors

- Stall Warning Systems

- Transmitters

- Warning Horns
- Bell Helicopter

- Cessna Textron Aviation

- Embraer

- MD Helicopters

- Piper Aircraft, Inc.

- Schweizer Aircraft / Sikorsky

- Slingsby Aviation

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